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Display any website or URL on a wall-mounted TV in minutes.

How it works

Display any website or URL on a wall-mounted TV in minutes.

Once your TV is connected to our content connection device, you never have to touch it again.

Plug our tiny device into your wall-mounted HDMI TV
DashboardTV devices can be powered via USB-C or PoE. DashboardTV devices are small: slightly larger and less weight than two packs of playing cards. You can easily affix them to the wall or the TV itself with double-sided tape.
Connect the device to the internet via wifi or ethernet
We can ship you the device with your wifi credentials already loaded or you can enter them yourself with a standard USB keyboard. Alternatiely, use the provided ethernet port.
Claim your device and tell it which URLs to display.
The first thing our device displays is a magic code. Login to your dashboard and enter this code to configure which URLs to display. You can change the URLs at any time without having to touch the device or TV.
Never touch the device or TV again.
All managment is done over the cloud. DashboardTV allows you to display any URL or image via our web-based management dashboard.


Get your most important metrics in front of the people who need to see them.

The easiest way put a URL on a TV on a wall.


Everything you need to talk with your customers

Central Mangement of Your Content
Use the DashboardTV Webapp to manage content on all devices across your organization. You don't have to fiddle with the devices attached to the displays. Simply log in from anywhere and set the URLs to display.
Rotating URLs
Need to display more content than you have devices for? Any device and display can be configured with multiple URLs. Simply define a rotation interval and the device will automativally rotate through the given content.
Snapshot to Slack
Constant on-wall publishing of your important metrics not enough? Use DashboardTV to post periodic snapshots of your metrics content to Slack.
Calendar Scheduling (Coming Soon)
Schedule alternative content on specific days or hours.


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$99 Setup fee plus $9 Per month

  • Online content management
  • Pictures
  • Rotating URLs
  • Add or remove devices anytime
  • Device Management
  • More features coming soon
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