Guide Quick and Easy Google Search Console Metrics Dashboard with Databox and DashboardTV

Databox dashboards are well designed and look great when displayed on wall mounted TVs.

In this guide, we shouw you how to create a Google Search Console Metrics Dashboard with Databox and DashboardTV in about five minutes.

If you don't have an account, sign up for one. They have a generous free plan. You can signup with your Google/Gmail account or go through the typical unsername/password registration flow.

In our example, we will be building a dashboard with data from Google's Search Console. This is one of the best places you can get SEO metrics about your web properties.

Select a Data Source

Each Databox dashboard is populated by data sources, of which Google Search Console is one of many built-in integrations. See their Integrations Page for a full list.

databox select a data source

Select Which Metrics to Track

The next step is to select which metrics you'd like to check. In our example, we've selected Impressions, Average CTR and Average Position as kind of a high level overview of how our SEO is performing.

Addtionally, we've selected Clicks by Queries and Clicks by Pages to see which keywords and which pages are most effective.

databox select metrics to track

Connect your Data

The last step in the Databox setup process is to connect your Google Search Console to your Databox account.

databox connect your data

Create a Databoard

Select the Databoards tab from the left navigation bar and create a new databoard. In our example here, we will use the Wizard feature.

databox databoard

Select the Google Search Console Data Source.

There are some great built-in templates. Feel free to explore creating your own, but for this example, we will use the Google Search Console Basics Template which is a great starting point.

databox select template

Select the appropriate property that you want to display metrics for and wait a few moments. You'll see a spinner in the lower left.

Get Databoard URL

In the Databoard preview scren, find the "Copy URL" button and press it.

databox copy URL

If you need you, press the share menu and Limit to specific IP addresses to secure your data.

Configure your DashboardTV

Login to, select the device you'd like to display the metrics on.

Paste the URL into the URLs field and hit the Update button: paste URL

Now you have a great looking Search Console Dashboard and it probably only took about 5 minutes!