Guide What is HDMI CEC?

HDMI CEC stands for High-Definition Multimedia Interface Consumer Electronics Control.

CEC is a feature for modern TVs that allow other devices to control the TV over the HDMI cable used to send video signal.

Most recent TVs from major manufacturers support CEC. Many of these manufactures have special trademarked branded names for their implemenation of CEC. Some exmaples are BRAVIA Link from Sony and 1-Touch PLay from Roku. These various implementaitons, despite the name are largely interoperable. A partial list of these names are available at the wikipedia page for CEC.

HDMI CEC should not be confused with DDC/CI, which is a different remote control spec over display cable primarily design for computer monitors.

All HDMI ports and cables are required to be wired for support, but it's up to the manufacturer if they want to support CEC in the built in firmware. Most of the major brand makers and mid-range TVs have CEC support.

Dashboard TV supports HDMI CEC from it's display source devices. By turning off the displays during hours such as late at night or weekends, you can extend the life of your wall mounted TVs.